Bhishma Chandra Kukreti is the son of Srimati Damayanti Kukreti and Shri Kali Ram Kukreti. He was born on 2nd April 1952 in village Jaspur, Malla Dhangu, Pauri Garhwali. He has done M.Sc (botany) from Dehradun and went to Mumbai in 1974. He entered in sales profession with Murphy radios then an International radio brand. Currently he is working as General Manager (Sales) with Vishal group of companies, a Rs. 800 Crore company. He is a well travelled person in India and more than ten countries abroad.

Scientific Researches : 1. A Thesis for M Sc. on Oediogoniales of Dehradun 2. Three research papers were published in Botanical journals one from France 3. Discovered one new species of Batrichosperm and more than ten sub-species of Oedigonium from Dehradun

Garhwali Literature : * More than 1200 articles are published most of the articles are satire * more than 700 cartoons published * initiated cross word in Garhwali * more than 10 stories published mainly women pain related * More than ten articles published in Shailvani (series) --Ava Gadhwali bhasha tain Moran se bachawa * Unpublished drama --Bakhron gwair syal * Unpublished book--collection of folk stories ---Salan biten lok Katha

English : 1. Book- Attentive branding of Seasonal Consumer Durables --based on Yogic way of life 2. Marketing based articles--more than 50 articles published in USP_AGE, Advertising Express, E-Business, markating Mastermmind, Effective executive 3. More than 20 reviews of Garhwali literature related subject published 4. Around 12 articles related to " Poets from Uttarakhand" published in Garhwal Post Dehradun.

Hindi: 1. Book --Garhwal ki lok Kathayen from Alaknanda Prakashan 2. A few satirist articles published 3. more than 15 stories published 4. About 150 artilcles published in series in Sahilvani Kotdwara about titling "Uttrakhand men Paryatan ki Parikalpana " 5. Ten articles published about " Digital Divide in Uttrakhand in Shailvani Kotdwara

(as provided by him)

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