Gopal Babu Goswami

Gopal Babu Goswami is a legend of Kumaoni and Garhwali music.He was one of the superstar of Uttarakhandi Music during his time. Gopal Babu Goswami was born on 2nd February 1941 at village Chandikot, Chaukhutia, Almora. In his family he was having father Mohan Giri, Mother Chanuli devi and sister Radha devi. He spent his child hood under great difficulties. His father died before Gopal could pass out from class 8th. The main profession of his father was agriculture. After the death of his father the entire responsibility of his family came to him. There was no one to guide him at that time. He left for Delhi for the search of some job. He has done various jobs in Delhi, Punjab and Himachal but he could not get permanent and satisfying job so he returned back to his village in 1970.

in 1970 a team of Song and Drama Division, Nainital* was visiting Chaukhutia where they met Gopal and got impressed after listening to his songs. Some of the members of that team suggested Gopal to apply for its Nainital divison and shared the address with him. in 1971 Gopal was selected in the division and he never looked backed after that. He became famous Gopal Babu Goswami. He cleared the singer examination for Akaswani Lucknow and became singer. He sung his first song for Akaswani “Kailey Bajey Mooruli O baina,oonchee oonchee danyu ma” which was super hit. He sang many such songs and became immensely popular. His friends suggested him to sing for some cassette company and he obliged. In1976 his first cassette came from HMV. Later he sung for many cassette companies. He sung duets with his colleague of Song and Drama Division, Smt Chandra Bisht and released about 15 cassettes.He has also worked in first Kumaoni Film “Megha Aa” as a singer and as an actor.

He also wrote some hindi and Kumaoni books mainly “Geetmala” (Kumaoni), “Darpan”, “Rashtrajyoti”, “Jeevan Jyoti” etc. He was also instrumental in releasing cassettes on famous folk stories of Uttarakhand “Rajula-Laushahi” and “Haruheet”.Many of the Kumaoni songs sung by him are also written by him. He died on 26th November,1996 after his stint with Brain tumour,which he got operated at AIIMS,Delhi but could not survive.

*Song and Drama Division was set up in 1954 as a unit of All India Radio and was given the status of an independent media unit in 1960 as a Subordinate office of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Division has 12 Regional Centres at Bhopal, Chandigarh, Delhi, Guwahati, Lucknow, Chennai, Pune, Calcutta, Bangalore, Ranchi, Dehradun and Raipur. It has nine Sub-Centres located at Bhubneshwar, Hyderabad, Patna, Imphal, Jodhpur, Darbhanga, Nainital, Shimla and Srinagar (Jammu).


उत्तराखंड से संबंधित समस्त जानकारी इंटरनैट पर लाने का संकल्प लिये एक अदना सा व्यक्ति। अपने फोरम और मेरा पहाड़ के साथ प्रयासरत।

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    aapke dwara kuiya gya prayaas sarahniya hone k saath saath mahtwapoorn isliye bhi he bcz uttaralhand ki sanskriti ko janne ka ya ek accha madhyam hai. aasha hai ki aaggami

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    kya boss ? chaa gaye.

    i am a music lover

    can u suggest me from where can i down load songs of Gopala Babu Goswami N Narendra NeGI ?

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    Agar Shri Gopal Babu Goshwami ko kumaon ka Mo.Rafi kaha jaye to galat nahi hoga.

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    many thanks for sharing such a basic information on Shree Gopal Babu Goswami.

    Applauds to your efforts for saving our Uttarakhand history.

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    For such a informeteic websitie….our childrens ( new genration ) who are now fully Hitech & spend their most of the time on computer's …. also don't want to visit to our villages can see/read/know about our Devbhumi…..

    Thanks….Jai Maa Dunagiri

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    thank you for the information about gopal babu goshwami

    can you suggest me how i download gopal babu goshwami mp3 song

    gopal babu goshwami ke myar sat sat naman

    myar pelag

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    I would like to tank u for having such unimaginable information regarding Gopal babu goswami ji .keep adding more thanks

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    Ji… ha ! Shri Gopal Babu Goshwami abhi bhee hamari uttarakhand ki bhoomi ke kan-kan main smaye hai. Unke gaaye geet gao abhee bhi ghasyari ke mukh se sune ja sakte hai. Humne unke geet bachpan se unte aye hai. Unka ek geet jo mujhe bahu pasand hai “Rum Jhuma Barkhaa Lagee, Barkha Saun Bhado Masa”.

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    It’s very inspirational for us and specially for our new generation. Thanks for contributing this information about gopal babu. Keep it up.

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    Its great effort to write about such a leagend signer of uttrakhand.

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    Hi Sir..

    Thanks a ton for creating this beautiful website and sharing such comprehensive information on the vibrant culture of Uttarakhand.

    Yes we have grown listening the beautiful melodies of our music maestros like Shri Narendra Singh Negiji & Late Shri Gopal Babu Goswamiji…which still brings the incense nostalgia..

    Thanks for making us know more about Late Goswamiji…his music brings the sweetness of Kumaoni culture in our ears and it feels that he is still singing from the captivating heights of himalays in our enchanting devbhoomi..

    Keep it up.

    All the Best.


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    Great job yaar………….keep posting such great articles about our Uttaranchal n our great singers

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    agar aaj gopal babu jinda hote to uttarakhandi sangeet etna bhadakau nahi hota

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    daju pelag, namaskar,
    aapka prayas sarvsresth hai. kya aap mujhe gopal da ke sabhi gane dene ki kripa kar sakte hai. daju plz gopal da ke sangrahit gane mujhe pradan karne ka kast kare kyoki me gopal da ka bhut bara fan hu, or me esko sabhi uttarakhandi bhai bahno ke pas pahuchane ki kosish karunga.
    jai dev bhoomi

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    A wide discussion/posts on Gopal babu's songs

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    Still unable to know who wrote the song "Bedu Pako" I know it was sung by Late Gopal Prasad Chatak. But who wrote I am stil want to know if any body know pls write me.

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    pls let me know that from where can download songs of Gopalbabu..

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    pls let me know the site from where Gopalbabus songs can b downloaded.

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    Uttrakhand rajya ko hindustan ka no. 1 rajya banao

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    Thank you for the information about Gopal BabuGshwami ji. I am a big fain of this great singer. Can you suggest me how i down load gopal babu goshwami mp 3 song.

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    Please share the name of writer who wrote such great song Bedu pako bara masa.

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    thanks for providing information on gopal babu goswami, it seems impossible for anyone to take his place in kumaoni music, babu plz bless someone who can follow your footsteps and could make authentic kumaoni music, yuo are highly missed by everyone. Y B CHAND, BHARTIYA SENA, BHARAT SARKAR.

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    Inhone hi kumauni geeto ko ek state level se national level tk pahuchaya. Hm sb ko unka aabhar
    prakt krna chahiye.

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    Thanks to all of u for this all

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    I really love and searching for all that songs because this was great memory of my child hood i really salute to him

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    Really…. its a great job Sir…..
    I want to download Gopal Babu Goswami old Collection. can you help me?

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