उत्तराखंड से संबंधित समस्त जानकारी इंटरनैट पर लाने का संकल्प लिये एक अदना सा व्यक्ति। अपने फोरम और मेरा पहाड़ के साथ प्रयासरत।

4 responses to “रंगीली चंगीली पुतई जसी”

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    repectfullt people of my uttrakhand, please tell me what is the process to download the audio song of my uttrakhand ,it's very urgent

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    I feel very comfortable with web by seeing this site on web server.

    if i could download this song, please sent me link.

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    during my childhood, I had number of times heard this song . I used to hum this song and always search for that, but I could get success . today when I have heard this song here ,for a time I again reached on my childhood, at bageshwar again

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    I Am very happy .some one try to alive our cult air.Salyut you

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